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SDT ULTRAChecker System

Versatile, simple, and economical, this ultrasound detector effortlessly finds air leaks, over-greased bearings, and failed steam traps and features dual measure mode to switch between static and live streaming. Compatible with the full line of airborne and structure-borne ultrasound sensors, this detector comes with a flexible airborne sensor and a threaded contact sensor.

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SDT ULTRAChecker is an ultrasound solution designed to use the full range of both airborne and structure-borne 2nd generation ultrasound sensors.

The SDT ULTRAChecker covers all airborne and structure-borne ultrasound applications. Connect any SDT 2nd generation ultrasound sensor. ULTRAChecker delivers end-to-end reliability through the 8 application pillars of ultrasound.

ULTRAChecker is the easiest to use detector we’ve ever created. Every push on its simple, 4-button keypad is displayed on its clear, color display. Increase or decrease signal amplification while maintaining safe listening levels through volume-controlled headphones.

Air leaks, over-greased bearings, failed steam traps, electrical faults, passing valves, the ULTRAChecker finds them all. Built with SDT quality, it’s offered at a price that will leave you speechless.