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SDT LUBEChecker System

This intuitive device ensures bearings receive the right amount of grease at intervals dictated by condition, not run time.

SDT LUBEChecker uses SDT LUBESense, a robust, repeatable sensor built to withstand harsh conditions.

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LUBEChecker is an ultrasound solution designed to optimize bearing lubrication.

Poor lubrication practices are a leading cause of bearing failure. LUBEChecker is an ultrasound solution focused on optimizing grease replenishment. It is the perfect companion for performing lubrication on condition based intervals.

LUBEChecker is so easy to use. Simply open the box, connect it to your grease gun, and hear the difference. Its vibrant color display offers repeatable, accurate, digital measurements that guide you to a precision result every time.

Failed bearings and excessive grease consumption gnaw away at your bottom line. LUBEChecker is the affordable solution. Built with SDT quality, it’s offered at a price that makes you want to Hear More.