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SDT TRAPChecker System

The TRAPChecker detects internal turbulence by defective steam traps and passing valves. Designed to work with SDT’s RS2 Needle Contact Sensor.

SDT’s TRAPChecker uses the RS2N contact sensor to “listen” for failing traps and leaking valves. The color display offers accurate digital measurements.

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TRAPChecker is an ultrasound solution designed to assess the condition of steam traps and valves.

Inefficient steam systems waste energy and impact product quality. TRAPChecker is an ultrasound solution focused on finding failed steam traps. It works on every style of trap and failure mode.

TRAPChecker is so easy to use. Simply open the box, connect the sensor, and hear the difference between a good and bad steam trap. Its vibrant color display offers repeatable, accurate, digital measurements.

As much as 40% of your steam traps could be operating in a failed state. The low entry cost of TRAPChecker and the high cost of energy, could see your investment recovered the first time you use it.