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HS-CE-PCM Connection Enclosure – Polycarbonate

Key Features

  • Provides a terminal to take readings from accelerometers via a portable data-collector
  • Multiple outputs via multiple connectors
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HS-CE-PCM Connection Enclosure Specifications

Feature: Industrial, Multi Sensor

Inputs: Via accelerometer

Output: BNC as standard (alternatives can be specified in ‘How To Order’ table)

Mounting Board: PCB Mounted

Material: Polycarbonate (to be specified in options of ‘How To Order’ table)

Dimensions: see: ‘How To Order’ table

Sealing: IP66

Termination: Spring-loaded terminal

Door: Catches

Glanding: Glands supplied but not fitted, Holes are punched for:, Multi input M20 – 3 x ø5.3mm/ ø0.2in, Single input M12 – ø3.5-7mm/ ø0.1-0.3in cable, Single input M20 – ø7-13mm/ ø0.3-0.7in multi-core cable

Labelling: Channel locations – other labelling available upon request

Mounting: supplied are 4 x Brackets

EMC: EN61326-1:2013