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SureTherm 10X Bearing Heater

The SURETHERM 10X may be small, but turns out to be a powerful bearing heater showing great flexibility. Featuring an extendable work area, it is suitable for small-sized components (up to 50 kg/110 lbs.) with a maximum diameter of 450mm/17.7 inches when used with extension crossbars. Easy to use and highly portable, especially in combination with the optional carrying case. The ideal bearing heating tool to use on location.

Includes: crossbars 14/25/40mm, gloves, grease and magnetic temp probe
Standard voltage 110V

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Top Features:

  • Dual sensor control for 100% tension-free heating
  • Touch screen for real-time feedback, access to operator settings and on-screen error reporting
  • Count down start timer
  • Different heating modes: 1 sensor / 2 sensors / Time mode / Ramp or Temperature Hold mode.
  • The Ramp or Temperature Hold mode can be used at the end of the heating cycle to maintain the temperature of the heated workpiece.
  • All-stainless steel housing
  • Data download and report capabilities plus visual heating cycle graphs