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HS-AS241 Grease Adaptor Mount

Key Features

  • Accelerometers with a stud or magnet can be mounted directly into grease adaptor mount
  • 416 Stainless Steel material

The HS-AS241 grease adaptor mount with 1/4″-28 UNF Female Accelerometer mounting thread, fits onto accelerometers with a stud or magnet ensuring accuracy and top cleanliness, producing an airtight seal.

The 416 Stainless steel material provides high resistance to acid and corrosion. There is the option of straight or 45° for the grease adaptor fitting.

The quick and easy process of using this grease adaptor enables better precision, and reaches areas that would otherwise be difficult to access. The grease adaptor is available with lengths of 20mm and 40mm, with other options to be specified in the how to order table.

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HS-AS241 Grease Adaptor Mount Specifications

Feature: Mounting Accessory

Length​: 20mm/ 0.8 in, 40mm/ 1.6 in, X

Mounting Thread: 02 – ¼-28” UNF Male, 06 – M6 x 1mm Male, 08 – M8 x 1.25mm Male, 35 – 1/4″ NPT Male, 54 – 1/4″ SAE-LT Male