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Easy-Laser XT770 – Dot Laser

Easy-Laser XT770 Shaft is the most powerful of our Generation XT laser alignment systems. The 360° Live feature gives you even more possibilities to perform advanced adjustments. With XT770 you can carry out the following:

  • Align the machine
  • ​Check base twist
  • Check bearing play
  • Check soft foot
  • Measure machine movement over time
  • Document and share the results
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The complete laser alignment system

With Easy-Laser XT770 you can perform shaft alignment of horizontally and vertically/flange mounted machines, and align machine trains with an unlimited number of machines. You can also measure twist of foundation, soft foot, bearing clearance, and more.

2 axis PSDs (position-sensitive detectors) permits adjustment of your machine both vertically and horizontally at the same time, with measuring units in any position. We call it 360° Live adjustment.

With the XT770 you have a choice of several different measurement methods, e.g. continuous sweep and multipoint. This gives you the flexibility you need to achieve the perfect measurement result. Read more about the different measurement methods under the Features tab.

Dynamic measurement
The EasyTrend program, part of the XT Alignment app, allows you to keep track of machine movement over time. This is useful when checking for thermal expansion and pipe strain issues for example. This type of measurement requires special DM brackets which can be ordered separately. Read more about dynamic measurement.

Geometric measurements kit
With XT770 GEO you will be able to take flatness and straightness measurements according to established standards like ISO and ANSI. The kit includes the versatile laser transmitter XT20 or XT22 plus a magnet base with rotatable head for geo measurements.

Use with any device
As all other XT systems, the XT770 can be used with the display unit of your choice. The XT Alignment app can be run on virtually any iOS or Android device*, or the Easy-Laser XT display unit. Click here for list of compatible devices.

Unique documentation possibilities
The XT display unit has a 13MP camera, and you can also get the it with a built-in IR camera as an option. This means you can add a thermal image of the machine before and after alignment. In the app you can easily create and share a PDF report containing all measurement data and images.