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Easy-Laser XT440 – Shaft alignment

Easy-Laser® XT440 Shaft is a member of our Generation XT alignment systems, built upon our cross-platform technology. This means you will be able to display data on a multitude of different handheld devices, including our own XT12. With XT440 you can carry out the following:

  • ​Align the machine
  • Check soft foot
  • Document and share the results
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The perfect tool for basic laser shaft alignment

With Easy-Laser XT440 you can perform all necessary steps of shaft alignment on horizontal and vertically/flange mounted machines. The user-friendly software guides you step by step through the measurement process.

Use the system together with the rugged Easy-Laser XT display unit or install the free XT Alignment app on your iOS or Android device*. Whatever you choose, the intuitive user interface is the same across all platforms.

The measuring units and XT display unit are shockproof and rated both IP66 and IP67 water and dust proof. Along with long operating times, this guarantees you will be able to take on and finish even the toughest jobs.

Unique documentation possibilities
From the app, you can easily create and share a PDF report containing all measurement data and images. If you use the XT display unit it has a built-in 13MP camera. The XT display unit can also be equipped with an IR camera which allows you to add a thermal image of the machine before and after alignment.