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All-Test Pro MD-III Kit

Motor Circuit Analysis™ (MCA™), Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA), and a Power Quality Analyzer in just one package to evaluate and trend the health of your entire motor system.


  • 1 ALL-TEST PRO 7 PROFESSIONAL (Includes device, software, leads & strap wrench)
  • 1 ALL-TEST PRO ON-LINE III (Includes device, software & leads)
  • 1 rugged, hard carrying case
  • 2 AC chargers (115/230V)
  • Instruction manuals
  • One year warranty
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The ALL-TEST PRO MD III motor testing assembly is used to monitor the health of any motor type, testing power quality, connections, harmonic distortion, alignment, insulation, rotors, bearings, air gaps, stators and more.

The included predictive maintenance tools feature two cutting-edge motor testing instruments (AT7 Pro and ATPOL III), a sturdy carrying case, AC chargers, and step-by-step instructions for optimal functionality.

The ALL-TEST PRO MD III motor testing assembly provides automatic diagnostic reports that measure all aspects of a motor’s performance, and it’s backed by an extendable one-year warranty.

The ALL-TEST PRO MD III reports provide indications of:

  • Early winding faults
  • Rotor problems
  • Incoming power issues
  • Electrical and mechanical motor condition
  • Driven load mechanical condition

The ALL-TEST PRO MD III motor testing assembly eliminate problems with your machinery before they cost you thousands in lost work time and repairs.


  • Fully Comprehensive – includes both MCA™ and ESA equipment for online and offline testing
  • Track, Trend & Report – Software for condition monitoring
  • Handheld & Lightweight – Approx. 1lb per device
  • Fast – 60 second tests
  • Testing distance – ESA virtually unlimited between motor and load (including submersible equipment)
  • Early alert – detects faults at early stages before motor and motor system failure