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About I & E Central, LLC

Industrial Test Equipment Supplier

Welcome to I&E Central, LLC, your trusted partner in industrial test equipment distribution, with a strong focus on serving predictive maintenance (PdM), electrical, and reliability professionals. As dedicated representatives of premier manufacturers, I&E Central provides expert consultations tailored to your unique applications and requirements.

Our offerings encompass an array of cutting-edge technologies, including, but not limited to:

– Power and Power Quality Monitoring
– Vibration Monitoring and Wireless Vibration Systems
– Ultrasound Testing
– Motor Testing
– Laser Alignment, including capabilities for roll, shaft, soft foot alignment, and more
– Thermal Imaging
– Balancing

I & E Central - Industrial maintenance equipment distributor

For a comprehensive list of the products we offer, please explore our full Line Card here.

Our Story

I&E Central’s journey began in 2001 in Rochester, NY, and we have steadily evolved over the years, broadening our product range and deepening our technological expertise. In 2021, I&E Central underwent a change in ownership and relocated to York, PA. While we proudly serve customers across the United States, we have a strong presence in New York, Pennsylvania, and New England.

Why Choose I&E Central?

Partnering with I&E Central means partnering with excellence, backed by:

Knowledge: We possess an in-depth understanding of our products, their applications, and the technologies underpinning them. Rest assured, we’re equipped to answer your questions
and provide expert guidance.

Selection: Our catalog showcases complementary technologies from some of the world’s most reputable and renowned manufacturers, ensuring you have access to the best options available.

Experience: With nearly 30 years of experience serving industrial clients across various sectors, our expertise is unmatched.

Demonstration and Training: We offer hands-on demonstrations with our equipment and can arrange site visits to showcase the tools you’re considering, facilitating informed decisions.

Customer Service: We take pride in being a reliable and attentive supplier, committed to delivering exceptional service and support to our valued customers.

We are eager to do business with you. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey of technological innovation and success together!