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HS-173 Premium Bi/Triaxial Series – Two AC outputs via PUR cable

Key Features
Output via two axies
For use with data collector
Customizable features

Building services, Pulp and Paper, Mining, Metals, Utilities, Automotive, Water, Pharmaceutical

Fans, Motors, Pumps, Compressors, Centrifuges, Conveyors, Air Handlers, Gearboxes, Rolls, Dryers, Presses, Cooling, VAC, Spindles, Machine Tooling, Process Equipment

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Two AC outputs via PUR cable Specifications

Mounted Base Resonance: +3kHz for aluminium version, 15 – 20 kHz

Sensitivity​: ±10%, 10mV/g, 30mV/g, 50mV/g, 100mV/g, 250mV/g, 500mV/g, Nominal 80Hz at 22°C / 72°F, per axies

Operating Temperature Range: -30 to 90°C, -22 to 194°F

Sealing: IP68

EMC: EN61326-1:2013

Case Material: Stainless Steel unless specified Aluminium

Sensing Element/Construction: PZT/Shear

Weight: 115gms / 4 oz. (nominal) – Aluminium, 235gms / 8.3 oz. (nominal) – Stainless Steel

Screened Cable Assembly: PUR – length to be specified with order

Top/Side Entry: Side Entry

Design: Premium

Connector/Cable Type: PUR Connector

Output: Single Output

Axis: Two (Biaxial)