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Revenue Grade Hinged Split Core Current Transformers

DENTs SRS (small) & SRL (large) Series hinged split-core current transformers are designed for Revenue Grade IEEE Class Metering applications that require maximum accuracy and precision. The superior performance, robust design, and unique shrouded snap, lock & tilt top of the SRS/SRL Series CTs make them ideal for field installation in high accuracy current measurement applications such as energy and demand metering, tenant submetering and load surveys.

Ideal for use with revenue grade ANSI C12 Class meters, such as the PowerScout, the revenue grade performance of these CTs meets or exceeds IEC 61869-2 Class 0.2; IEC 60044-1 Class 0.3; and IEEE C57.13 Class 0.3. The SRS & SRL Series CTs are UL2808 and CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1 listed as stand-alone products, CE listed, RoHS compliant, and are 600V CAT III rated devices.

They are available for current inputs up to 400 Amps with 8 foot long, 18 AWG MTW UL1015 twisted pair leads.

All DENT CTs are sold individually (not in sets).

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