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Easy-Laser E950 A-D Bore Alignment

The Easy-Laser® E950 Bore alignment system makes the control and adjustment work of bearings and bearing journals easier, thanks to the wireless detector unit and measurement programs that guide you through the measurement process. All of the parts included in the systems are designed and built for even the most demanding workplace and for easy setup on any machinery.

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Bore alignment with the highest precision

Easy-Laser E950 makes checking and aligning bearings and bearing journals easier thanks to wireless detectors and versatile brackets. A large colour display with clear graphics and software that guides the user through the entire measurement process contributes to simple operation.

The system automatically calculates the bearing journals in relation to each other, both horizontally and vertically. You can then evaluate the results directly on-site with different calculation methods such as Best fit around zero and Waviness. It is also possible to analyse the different choices of reference points and set the offset and tolerance values. Another feature is the check of ovality, for example, to analyse the wear rate. The measurement system takes care of all these complicated calculations for you. You measure and align both full and half bearing journals with equal simplicity. The wireless detector eliminates uncertain factors such as cable pull. All parts are designed for maximum accuracy and stability, and measure with a resolution of 0.001 mm [0.05 mils]. Measurement distance up to 40 m [130 feet]. Easy-Laser E950 is suitable for use both in production and out in the field.

Four versions of the measurement system
E950-A or E950-C
Primarily for diesel engines (for example crank and camshaft bearings), gearboxes, compressors and similar applications. Positioning workpieces in machine tools is also an appropriate application.

E950-B or E950-D
Primarily for propeller shaft installations on ships with stern tubes, support bearings, gearboxes and engines.

Which system to use depends on the application. Please contact our team for assistance.

Straightness of shafts and coupling alignment
With the systems, you can also measure the straightness of shafts, foundations, etc. without any additional accessories. With the measuring devices for shaft alignment (accessories), you have the most complete measurement system to align the entire drive train on the market. Programs for all types of measurements are included as standard, you then adapt the measurement system with brackets and detectors for your needs now and in the future.